About Miss Nero

I have been an active cosplayer and crafter since 2016. What was initially just a hobby turned out to be a passion for me over time and before I knew it, my hobby had become my profession. You can find me at one convention or another as an exhibitor or guest, giving cosplay workshops or being part of the jury at cosplay contests. On Instagram (@miss_nero_cosplay) I take you with me on my adventure as a cosplayer and that's also the first place to go if you don't want to miss any more news.

Battlemage Espeon cosplay

More than just cosplay

In addition to cosplay, I have also discovered various other art forms for myself, e.g. drawing, pyrography, casting with epoxy resin. Who knows what else will be coming.

You could say I like anything where you can express yourself in a creative way. That's probably one of the reasons why I decided to do an apprenticeship as a media designer back then and why I'm still doing it professionally now. As a self-employed graphic designer, I am happy to create all kinds of projects, from simple business cards to complete trade fair equipment and individual brand building for you and your company.

You can also commission your own individual work of art from me in any of these areas. So stay tuned and join me on my creative journey as a cosplayer, artist and creator!

Jep, that's me, Miss Nero

Lisa - "Miss Nero"

Graphic designer, cosplay creator, artist, nerd - that's me, the face behind "Miss Nero". But I'm usually more recognisable through my cosplays.

Cosplay supervisor Hannibal


The best mental support and cosplay supervisor you could wish for. Hannibal is always on hand (when there's something to eat).

Loaf Queen Lotus


This young lady also doesn't miss out on cuddle sessions and actively stands by my side (or lies down in the middle of my way).