In this gallery you will find a small overview of my previous projects. You are welcome to take a look for yourself and perhaps even find some inspiration for your own idea.

Coscards / Business cards

It doesn't matter whether you run a company or practice a hobby, business cards are always useful. On one hand, you can stay in contact with your business partners and on the other hand, you can also make new acquaintances. A physical business card gives your audience a direct impression of you, your company or hobby and what you want to reflect to the outside world.

Especially for cosplayers and photographers, coscards or business cards can be very practical if you want to quickly exchange contact information and correctly identify the cosplayer or photographer later on.

Logo designs

Having your own logo is essential for every company, freelancer or content creator, as it creates a memorable image for your customers and audience. At the same time, you represent your company or perhaps even yourself and what your customers can expect from you.

Exhibition / Convention Equipment

Are you planning your own booth as a cosplayer or artist at a convention? Then the first impression is particularly important to attract the attention of visitors. From simple A4 table displays to fabric banners for the table front or back wall to large roll-up banners as eye-catchers, there are numerous ways to stand out.

roll-up banner 85 x 200 cm

A4 table display

Fabric banners 100 x 50 cm on

140 g polyester fabric

Photo editing

Photography is an art in itself, but every now and then the pictures need to be edited. Sometimes it's just a little retouching, but occasionally it's a complete composing, which gives the image an even more epic look. Many cosplay images also benefit from photo editing with special effects and attract more attention on social media.

Your customised design

Would you like to commission a design from me? Then please fill in the contact form under Your design or send me an e-mail with the subject "Design request" and all the important information about your idea to