Workshop topics


Since 2016, I have acquired a wide range of skills in how to make costumes. In addition to some theoretical panels and presentations (e.g. cosplay planning, material studies, what is cosplay?), I also offer interactive hands-on workshops (e.g. foam crafting, worbla crafting, painting & weathering).

Arts and crafts

As an artist, I have also learnt numerous techniques over the last few years that I would love to pass on to others. This is possible in workshops on topics such as drawing in manga or comic style, woodburning or casting with epoxy resin.

Graphic design

As a qualified media designer, I have various expertise in areas such as graphics and layout programs, layout creation and social media platforms. I can also give theoretical lectures and practical workshops.

Looking for something very special?

As a cosplayer and artist, I have developed a wide range of skills over the past few years. Contact me at and I will be happy to put together a customised workshop or panel to suit your event or occasion. I can send you a detailed portfolio on request. I'm looking forward to your message!

Cosplay contest juror, walking act & more

Whether you're looking for a jury member for a cosplay contest or need a walking act for a themed event. You can also contact me for jobs like these. I have experience in cosplay contests both as a participant and as a judge. If you need a walking act for a specific event (e.g. Halloween), I will be happy to send you a portfolio of my cosplays on request. Just send me a message with your enquiry to

Workshops forthe cultural education of young people

Workshops for the cultural education of young people

Some of my workshops are also particularly suited for public institutions or cultural centres and help to introduce young people to the topic of cosplay. After all, video games, anime, manga, comics and cosplay have become an integral part of everyday life.

In these workshops or panels, participants can try out techniques and materials under guidance, find like-minded people or work on projects together with friends and perhaps even discover a new creative hobby for themselves, which is extremely versatile.

Long-term collaborations such as holiday activities or multi-day courses can also be arranged.

If you are interested, please contact me at